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    ±0.5ppm高精度溫補晶振TCXO3225 24MHz規格參數說明

    ±0.5ppm高精度溫補晶振TCXO3225 24MHz規格參數說明如下:

    • Main Electrical Characteristics

    1.Device Name: TCXO

    2.Model Name: DSB321SDN

    3.Nominal Frequency: 24.000 MHz

    4.Current Consumption :1.5 mA max.

    5.Output Waveform: Clipped sine wave(DC-coupled)

    6.Start Up Time: 2.0 ms ( @90% of final Vout level)

    7.SSB Phase Noise: -130 dBc/Hz (Relative to fo level offset 1kHz)

    • Absolute Maximum Ratings

    ±0.5ppm高精度溫補晶振TCXO3225 24MHz規格參數說明

    • Recommended Operating Conditions

    ±0.5ppm高精度溫補晶振TCXO3225 24MHz規格參數說明

    • Frequency Stability:

    1.Tolerance vs Temperature: ±0.5 ppm (TA=-30~+85℃ Ref.to Frequency(TA=+25°C)
    2. Tolerance vs Supplv Voltage: ±0.2 ppm (Vcc=+3.3V±5%)
    3. Tolerance vs Load Variation: ±0.2 ppm ( LoAD_R//C=(10kΩ//10pF)±10% )
    4. Tolerance vs Aging : ±1.0ppm/year (TA=Room ambient)

    Tolerance: ±1.5 ppm (After 2 times reflow Ref.to Nominal Frequency)

    • Electrical Characteristics in Details:

    (TA=-30~+85C, LoAD_R//C=10kΩ//10pF,Vcc=+3.3V, unless otherwise noted)

    ±0.5ppm高精度溫補晶振TCXO3225 24MHz規格參數說明

    2.Please leave after reflow in 2h or more at room ambient.
    3.KDS PART NO. : 1XTW24000MDA

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