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    The need for quality, high precision timing devices is increasing daily. The heart of all communications is linked directly to a stable and dependable source of frequency control. Computer networks, data switching and transmission systems, the Global Positioning System (GPS), test instrumentation, and wireless and RF communications systems all rely on precise frequency control at some point in the system.

    我們對高質量、高精度計時設備的需求與日俱增,而所有通信的核心直接連接到穩定可靠的頻率控制源—晶振。計算機網絡、數據交換和傳輸系統、全球定位系統( GPS )、測試儀器、無線和射頻通信系統都依賴于系統中某個點的精確頻率控制。


    In addition, with the requirements for precise frequency control come other concerns such as aging and phase noise. Today’s telecommunications networks must handle millions of data transmissions over great distances within congested systems. Signal degradation due to noise and propagation delay is of major concern to system designers,which is also becoming the goal of manufacturers for hi-quality quartz crystals and oscillators .



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