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    公司经过20余年的发展,拥有GNW自主品牌。 2015年,晶诺威科技进入可编程晶振领域,目前能够以更快的交期与合格的产品满足客户的迫切需求。工厂拥有从日本、美国、德国引进的先进生产检测设备300多台,技术与管理人员近百名,生产制造严格执行全程在超净化高标准环境下进行并完成,并已分别通过ISO9001、ISO14001、TS16949等相关体系认证,所生产的晶振产品品质严格符合国际IEC和美国ANSI标准。

    About Genuway Technology

    Our products provide the heartbeat in electronics. You can’t see them, but your world couldn’t operate without them.

    As a recognized high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Genuway Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers for quartz crystals, oscillators and programmable oscillators in China. Our products are widely utilized in almost all smart electronic devices, such as Consumer Electronics, Intelligent Terminals, Network Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Intelligent Security and Automotive Electronics, etc.

    Genuway has a complete management system and an experienced team, always committed to suggest customers with professional frequency solutions. Genuway has passed the quality management certification of ISO9001, ISO14001,TS16949. We will keep producing our products strictly to the high standard of IEC and ANSI.

    Genuway will continue to provide global customers with high-quality frequency products and updated solutions, and constantly seek innovations for the ultimate stability and reliability for smart devices and communication networks.



    经营理念: 用技术创造客户价值,以商业实践员工幸福。

    服务宗旨: 提供优质产品和服务。

    价 值 观: 做良好的企业公民,通过提高客户满意度和员工满意度以实现企业持续稳定发展,提升企业价值和社会价值。

    企业精神: 诚信、高效、团结、进取。




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